Definition of gray market in US English:

gray market


  • An unofficial market or trade in something, especially unissued shares or controlled or scarce goods.

    ‘the discounting of bonds in the gray market’
    as modifier ‘a gray market price’
    • ‘Dynamism is an above-board outgrowth of that, part of the gray market in which nifty cameras, cars, and computers are sold outside manufacturers' normal distribution channels.’
    • ‘Distribution also is a factor, as there may be a gray market of secondary distributors.’
    • ‘In the book Dangerous Doses: How Counterfeiters Are Contaminating America's Drug Supply, author Katherine Eban documents the nature of this gray market.’
    • ‘The new measure is aimed at preventing the gray market from trading unlisted shares, officials said.’
    • ‘Even before they officially received the licenses, these companies allegedly began selling shares in the gray market, drastically reducing liquidity.’
    • ‘The smart idea now being experimented with is to offer legally distributed DVDs with only a marginal increase in the price of gray market DVDs, but with the promise of increased quality and extras.’
    • ‘‘If included with the sales in the gray market (the sales by unauthorized dealers), the monthly sales could reach over 80,000 units a month,’ he added.’
    • ‘Once the package is opened, the seal leaves a permanent ‘void’ mark, which cannot be removed, making it very difficult for gray market resellers to sell reconditioned media as new.’
    • ‘So-called gray market products - consoles bound for other regions that are diverted to out-of-bounds markets by middlemen - still find their way to shops in Hong Kong.’
    • ‘Thsrc shares, which trade on a gray market ahead of a stock-exchange listing, fell 0.67 percent to NT $7.45 yesterday.’
    • ‘While working at Creed, she'd been dismayed by the glut of perfume that found its way to the gray market.’
    • ‘At the other end of the chain, PC makers are waging price wars, and the gray market in networking equipment is thriving.’
    • ‘And the game is getting tougher, with some gray market lenders refusing to roll over loans to private companies.’
    • ‘With legit retailers charging as much as $7.50 a pack in the most expensive markets such as New York City, where state and city taxes alone add on $3 a pack, the nation's gray market in cigarettes is growing fast.’
    • ‘Experts anticipate about 3,000 units will be sold in the gray market this year, as sales in the overall market are expected to reach 280,000 to 300,000 units.’
    • ‘Inefficient state-owned enterprises drain the government budget, and a vast gray market of commercial entities has been spun off from government ministries.’
    • ‘Tung said Taiwan Cellular shares have been trading at roughly NT $84 per share on the gray market, and that indicates the offering price has been set at the right level.’
    • ‘As the jockeying for Schroder Ultra shows, the Internet has given rise to a gray market in shares of closed funds.’
    • ‘As a result, the prices at these retail outlets can be up to 50 percent higher than the prices in the gray market, where the products are imported by traders and therefore do not come with a warranty.’
    • ‘The current gray market price for shares is about six times the initial price.’