Definition of gray kangaroo in US English:

gray kangaroo


  • A large forest-dwelling kangaroo native to Australia.

    Genus Macropus, family Macropodidae: the eastern M. giganteus (also called forester), with silvery-gray fur, and the western M. fuliginosus, with brownish fur

    • ‘The eastern grey kangaroo spends most of the day resting under a shady tree, only moving out to feed from dusk to dawn.’
    • ‘If necessary, the grey kangaroo can travel fast, bounding along using only the two hindfeet with the tail held almost horizontally for balance.’
    • ‘Government estimates dating to 1999 put the population of the three main kangaroo species the red, eastern gray and western gray kangaroos at about 30 million.’
    • ‘Eastern grey kangaroos breed throughout the year with the peak births being in summer.’
    • ‘The species is common on mainland Australia, where it is commonly known as the grey kangaroo.’