Definition of gray goose in US English:

gray goose


  • A goose of a group distinguished by having mainly gray plumage.

    Genus Anser, family Anatidae: several species, e.g., graylag and white-fronted geese

    • ‘Since 1960 the Wildfowl and wetlands Trust have organised an annual census of Icelandic grey geese, Pink-feet and Icelandic Greylags which is undertaken in October and November.’
    • ‘Many birds, including grey geese, swans and terns were about, especially on an island in one of the lakes.’
    • ‘It flies in loose flocks along the coast, rather than in tight skeins like grey geese.’
    • ‘Catch the end of the winter migrants, the grey geese and whooper swans, as well as the early arrivals such as wheatear and willow warbler and hopefully the ospreys.’
    • ‘The Norwegian government wants to start puncturing the unhatched eggs of Canadian and grey geese to control the geese population.’


gray goose

/ˌɡrā ˈɡo͞os/