Definition of gray goods in US English:

gray goods

plural noun

  • 1Newly manufactured fabrics that have not been subjected to whitening processes.

    • ‘A manufactured fiber in which the fiber forming substance is any long chain synthetic polymer composed of at least 85% by weight of acrylonitnie units., gray goods are used as well.’
    • ‘So my first question is about sources for raw goods, gray goods they were called.’
    • ‘Now, with 120 million yards of gray goods on its hands, U.S.C.C. has had to turn to U.S. textile mills for help.’
    • ‘With advanced production equipment, complete management system and strong technical force, our company can produce all kinds of gray goods for more than 1 million meters each month.’
    • ‘Broadwoven plain weave poplin and broadcloth fabric (gray goods), chiefly spun polyester mixed with carded cotton’
  • 2Goods traded in a gray market.

    • ‘The volume of gray goods imported into the United States is substantial.’
    • ‘Lower courts have excluded gray goods where differences might lead to consumer confusion or deception, but have permitted importation if there are few, if any, differences.’
    • ‘The US Customs Service has adopted a new "gray goods" rule which provides protection to US trademark owners against the importation of gray goods.’
    • ‘Authorized goods have a stronger effect on brand equity than gray goods.’


gray goods

/ˈɡrā ˌɡo͝odz/