Definition of gravy boat in US English:

gravy boat


  • A boat-shaped vessel used for serving gravy or sauce; sauceboat.

    • ‘The biggest prize she had ever won was a gravy boat in raffle in 1977, but she's now £1, 000 richer.’
    • ‘A full Victorian service will have dinner plates, side plates, tea plates, soup bowls, sauce tureens, covers and stands, large tureens and covers, open dishes, ladles, sauce and gravy boats - the basic principle is the more the merrier.’
    • ‘I listened to her with the realization that her very last words to me might be, ‘this gravy boat belonged to your grandmother.’’
    • ‘Incidentally, a gravy boat is also available for purchase.’
    • ‘The crystal, the Syracuse china and the gravy boat we only used once a year.’
    • ‘It came with a beautifully baked potato accompanied by a large gravy boat full of sour cream and a medley of grilled vegetables.’
    • ‘He was carrying the gravy boat, which was in the shape of a swan.’
    • ‘The salad came with two gravy boats, one with salsa and the other with Balsamic vinegar.’
    • ‘Can you take the gravy boat to the table please.’
    • ‘The sauces came separately in their own gravy boats and really elevated the steak to higher levels.’
    • ‘Tip any juices that have flowed out of the chicken into the gravy, then strain into a warm jug or gravy boat.’
    • ‘Early on, we were prompted by a number of requests to produce tabletop products like dishes and gravy boats in addition to our greeting cards and picture frames.’
    • ‘Just before serving, over low heat, whisk in 2 more tablespoons butter; pour into a gravy boat.’
    • ‘That's why English gravy boats retained their separate drip plates, whereas American versions comes attached.’
    • ‘If you pay attention, you'll learn not only how to select the perfect gravy boat, but also how to return it for cash.’


gravy boat

/ˈɡreɪvi ˌboʊt//ˈɡrāvē ˌbōt/