Definition of gravure in US English:



  • 1An image produced from etching a plate through an intaglio process and producing a print from it.

    • ‘Against the pale turquoise and pink-flecked background of Art + Science = Magic, two men and a dog appear to be falling into a patch of ocean waves clipped from a Gustave Dore gravure.’
    • ‘Newhall was one of the contributors to the catalogue, which was dedicated to Stieglitz, but the show contained only gravure reproductions of Stieglitz's work, as be still refused to lend his own original prints.’
    1. 1.1 The production of gravure prints.
      • ‘Offset is the printing method at 90.6 percent of the papers; 7.1 percent are printed by letterpress; and 2.4 percent are printed by other methods, including flexography or gravure or a combination of methods.’
      • ‘In gravure printing the letters are etched into a plate (usually Copper), then ink is forced into the letters, scraped from the area around the letters and paper is forced onto the ink at extremely high pressure.’
      • ‘Another is that some early sets are beautiful examples of gravure printing.’
      • ‘They will have to work out how to ‘squirt’ several different types of chemicals at once to produce a serial printing process similar to the gravure printing used in publishing.’
      • ‘The most widely used print processes are surface, flexographic or flexo, gravure and screen.’