Definition of gravlax in US English:



  • A Scandinavian dish of dry-cured salmon marinated in herbs.

    • ‘It's a luscious combination, enjoyed for generations by Scandinavians in gravlax, but you can try it baked on or in salmon fillets or layered with smoked salmon and cheese for an appetizer.’
    • ‘I chose their home-made gravadlax with spinach, rocket and chive creme fraiche.’
    • ‘A long-time fan of this particular culinary partnership, I had a go at making light, crisp, potato-free fishcakes and putting them on the table with a jar of the dill and mustard sauce that is usually served with gravadlax.’
    • ‘Who, for instance, would devote four days to making ‘Salmon gravlax and cheddar terrine with beurre blanc sauce’ for 48 people?’
    • ‘I tried both the delicate, unsalty gravadlax and a tartare served with the roe and a very lemony asparagus salad.’
    • ‘Exquisite gravadlax rolled around a cylinder of potato salad was a highlight, as was a fat slab of foie gras, which glistened dark gold from the pan but wobbled with a lovely rareness.’
    • ‘The glistening slivers of house-cured gravadlax were as delectable as any I have ever tasted.’
    • ‘Chefs use sugar for confit, for gravlax, in marinades, and in lots of instances where they're trying to concentrate the flavor of fish or meats, he notes.’
    • ‘Also try the poached eggs and gravlax (thin strips of nutty-sweet salmon dry-cured and served with cucumber), or a variety of scones.’
    • ‘I started with one of my favourite dishes, pan-fried breast of pigeon, which came with a crispy bacon and black pudding salad, while Vicky indulged herself with gravadlax and smoked salmon with a yoghurt and dill dressing.’
    • ‘I had marinated herring with gravadlax on a tangle of leaves and thought the herring was particularly good.’
    • ‘Can I produce a new, unique gravlax to stimulate the passion of my guests?’
    • ‘I had the Russian blinis: buckwheat pancakes served with gravlax, prawns, herring roll mops and two superb garnishes of chopped herrings - one with whole grain mustard, the other with mayonnaise.’
    • ‘This is one of the easiest ways to make your own gravadlax, and the results are spectacular.’
    • ‘This stunningly beautiful restaurant features modern Scandinavian cuisine and specialties such as gravlax, herring and caviar.’
    • ‘Then they can be served simply with a honey and mustard dressed salad, or with some slices of gravadlax as a luxurious garnish.’
    • ‘In the end, I went for the fish plate of smoked salmon, prawns, gravadlax, rollmop herrings and smoked mackerel for €14.95, which was served with more tasty bread.’
    • ‘Geraldine had ‘home-cured gravadlax, some smoked salmon with a honey and dill dressing‘.’
    • ‘The cod was wrapped in gravadlax served with carrot and roasted parsnip and potatoes.’
    • ‘I was dithering between a couple of choices but when the manager told me the gravadlax was cured in house, my decision was made.’


Swedish, from grav ‘trench’ + lax ‘salmon’ (from the former practice of burying the salmon in salt in a hole in the ground).