Definition of gravitational constant in US English:

gravitational constant

(also G)


  • The constant in Newton's law of gravitation relating gravity to the masses and separation of particles, equal to 6.67 × 10¹¹N m² kg².

    • ‘This is simply the gravitational constant G multiplied by the total mass.’
    • ‘The first such quantity to be discovered was the gravitational constant of Newton.’
    • ‘Of course it may be that the speed of light and the charge on the electron and the gravitational constant and Planck's constant, and so on, will one day be explained as deriving from more basic realities.’
    • ‘Three of the fundamental constants of nature are: c - the speed of light; h - Plank's constant; G - the universal gravitational constant.’
    • ‘And since the gravitational constant, G, appears in the definition of the Planck energy, to many of us this inevitably meant that gravitation must play an essential role in determining the properties of particles.’