Definition of gravimetry in US English:



  • The measurement of weight.

    • ‘His research interests include positioning, navigation, and attitude determination using INS / GPS integration for georeferencing and airborne gravimetry.’
    • ‘At the 1877 meeting of the International Geodetic Association, his work in gravimetry was recognized as an important advance.’
    • ‘Diffusion coefficients of non-labelled water in helium and in CO 2 measured by gravimetry were close to those tabulated by Cussler (9.08x10-5 and 2.02x10-5 m s - 1, for D w H at 25°C and D w C at 34°C, respectively).’
    • ‘To determine the dry weight, the specimen was dried at room temperature for several days and in vacuum for an additional 6-8 h just before the gravimetry.’