Definition of gravimeter in US English:



  • An instrument for measuring the difference in the force of gravity from one place to another.

    • ‘Brown was taking the volcano's pulse with a highly sensitive device called a gravimeter.’
    • ‘Weiss worked with Dicke on building gravimeters to measure the Earth's unique resonances, its ‘ringing’ when excited.’
    • ‘Over a thousand modes, with periods ranging from 56 minutes down to less than 40 seconds, have been identified using the present network of long-period seismometers and gravimeters.’
    • ‘Using a gravimeter, an instrument that measures the motion of the Earth's surface, Weber hoped to ‘tune into’ the Earth's natural frequencies and see if it had been excited by a passing gravity wave.’
    • ‘Gravity was measured using a LaCoste-Romberg model G gravimeter, and readings were referenced to a BGS temporary base station located at Corrie.’


Late 18th century: from French gravimètre, from grave ‘heavy’ (from Latin gravis) + -mètre ‘(instrument) measuring’.