Definition of gravesite in US English:



  • The location of a person's grave.

    • ‘Gacy told police where they could find the body and police marked the gravesite in the garage, but they did not immediately begin digging.’
    • ‘He kept a horse and a cow in his backyard, which was also ultimately home to as many as 18 canine gravesites.’
    • ‘Each year, Soldiers and other service members honor those who have served before them by placing flags on the gravesites.’
    • ‘The clandestine Sufi orders - chiefly the Naqshbandiya and Qadiriya - survived, as did itinerant mullahs, makeshift mosques, and the pilgrimages to the gravesites and shrines of saints that are so central to Sufism.’
    • ‘Such programs include trips to Jewish heritage sites, former battlefields, military or regimental museums, and military gravesites.’
    • ‘The King's music played continuously, as his fans walked past the gravesites of Elvis, his parents and his grandmother.’
    • ‘The intense grief wells up again at Noa's gravesite.’
    • ‘Now, you were at the gravesite of the late King Fahd.’
    • ‘The location of the gravesite and the direction and the location that she ultimately gave to police was in a completely different direction to where the body was actually buried.’
    • ‘In the Marshall Islands, World War II gravesites are washing away.’
    • ‘To prepare, villagers clean gravesites, adorning them with breads, candy, flowers, and samples of the favorite foods and drinks of the departed.’
    • ‘Now Marcus, you and I were talking earlier about some of the names of possible bodies that might be in this gravesite.’
    • ‘Carried in Ghanaian-made caskets, these Africans are just a few of hundreds exhumed from a centuries-old gravesite in New York City.’
    • ‘With an understanding that these old houses and cane fields tell no story to those who are removed from their history, the maintenance of the gravesites is a necessary act in the preservation of ancestry.’
    • ‘The locations for gravesites of many statesmen are well-known, whether it be President Kennedy at Arlington Cemetery or Grant's Tomb in New York City.’
    • ‘There is also evidence that our ancestors had a great belief in life after death, and an example is gravesites of the Gravettians.’
    • ‘Tell us about the empty gravesites, and how do you even go forward mourning those that haven't even been identified or recovered?’
    • ‘I'm a big history buff, so I started driving around the country visiting the homes and gravesites of past presidents, and I couldn't sell any of the articles I was writing about them.’
    • ‘But I don't think it's quite time to put a deposit on a gravesite either.’
    • ‘Artifacts on those installations include shrines, gravesites, sculptures and prehistoric dolmens.’