Definition of graven image in US English:

graven image


  • A carved idol or representation of a god used as an object of worship.

    • ‘The church had interpreted the biblical prohibition against graven images to forbid the creation of sculpture in the round until the early eighteenth century.’
    • ‘He also denounced the creation of any graven images, whether of himself or of the other prophets.’
    • ‘The First Commandment reveals all kinds of idols - not simply graven images but common ‘gods,’ like money or fame, and more complicated ones, like works-righteousness.’
    • ‘The Second Commandment extends that prohibition to veneration of material objects - it forbids ‘bowing down to’ or worshipping graven images of any kind.’
    • ‘The religious justification derives from the ban on graven images, common to the jealous God of the Old Testament and to Allah.’
    • ‘One of the Ten Commandments is that you shall not make any graven image.’
    • ‘Our supreme temptation today is not idol worship of graven images so much as settling for the good rather than striving for the best.’
    • ‘Siona often wondered whether a painted image was the same thing as a graven image.’
    • ‘The Russian Orthodox Church had long forbidden the creation of sculpture in the round as contravening the biblical prohibition against graven images.’
    • ‘Characters insist time and again that they are not pagans who pray to graven images.’
    • ‘The chosen people were not to have any other gods, make graven images or take God's name in vain.’
    • ‘Such icons, or graven images, are held in awe by the followers of the respective faiths.’
    • ‘What follows, of course, are the rules against other gods, graven images, vain swearing, and Sabbath breaking.’
    • ‘For the early Hebrews God was not in the objects of Nature themselves, hence the outlawing of idols and the construction of graven images.’
    • ‘Now he doesn't tell people that these images are gods, per se, but he clearly violates the commandment against graven images.’
    • ‘Thus the Golden Calf led to the Mosaic injunction in Judaism, Christianity and Islam: ‘Thou shalt not bow down to graven images!’’
    • ‘We have not retained the commandment against making graven images because it is no longer relevant.’
    • ‘Both embody the commandments to have no other gods before the Lord and neither to make nor worship graven images.’
    • ‘The Old Testament forbade the making of ‘any graven image, nor the likeness of anything that is in heaven above nor in the earth below’.’
    • ‘There have also been documented examples of Him smiting those caught worshipping graven images.’


With biblical allusion to Exod. 20:4.


graven image

/ˈɡreɪvən ˈɪmɪdʒ/