Definition of gravelly in English:



  • 1Resembling, containing, or consisting of gravel.

    ‘a dry gravelly soil’
    • ‘It was difficult to find: the road shown was not a road but a track, unused, winding behind a cottage with the requisite dog watching curiously as we drove up a gravelly slope.’
    • ‘A low cliff on one bank, with an otter's holt at its foot, betrayed by a crab graveyard, on our side a gravelly shore undercutting the peat moor.’
    • ‘The region's distinctive gravelly soils lend themselves to some of New Zealand's top reds, particularly Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and - the new star, Syrah.’
    • ‘They require a sandy or gravelly substrate for nesting near a wet or muddy area where they can forage.’
    • ‘While organic matter or topsoil could be used alone, a sandy or gravelly soil is improved more if you add both organic matter and topsoil than if you add either material alone.’
    • ‘Fairly well drained, rocky or gravelly soil is the Laurel's natural preference.’
    • ‘Most of his soils are a gravelly sandy loam known as Aura, well drained and with 15% clay.’
    • ‘The soil is light and gravelly, and chiefly under tillage: agriculture is improving, and there is a considerable quantity of bog and limestone.’
    • ‘This cactus typically grows in gravelly clay or loam soils, partially shaded by other plants or rocks.’
    • ‘A rowboat was beached on the gravelly shore and abandoned there.’
    • ‘If the pond is located in sandy or gravelly soils or near fractured bedrock, seal the pond with an approved plastic liner or at least 6 inches of compact clay.’
    • ‘The 4 km of beachfront in the park varies from rocky, gravelly, to sandy.’
    • ‘During our dry season visits, sandy and gravelly beaches lined most of the river, although water levels rose above the beaches during heavy rains.’
    • ‘In Washington, they favor degraded or otherwise gravelly soils.’
    • ‘The bed has limited sun and our soil is light and gravelly.’
    • ‘It's a mixture of soils from the site, some more gravelly, some more clay-like.’
    • ‘Non-cohesive soils include silty, sandy, and gravelly soils in which there is no cohesion except that derived from any minor amount of clay matrix or from water tension between particles.’
    • ‘Much of this carpet of herbs is on shallow gravelly and stony soils, too poor for buffel, or under mulga trees.’
    • ‘Texture of the fine-earth fraction is silt loam or loam with gravelly or very gravelly modifiers.’
    • ‘The Avilla series consists of very deep, well drained, moderately permeable soils that formed in gravelly and loamy alluvium.’
    shingly, pebbly, gritty, containing gravel
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    1. 1.1 (of a voice) deep and rough-sounding.
      • ‘The words, or maybe it's the gravelly voice, act as a cathartic, and the woman begins to cry.’
      • ‘‘A pity that it will be like this for only a short while longer,’ a deep, gravelly voice said.’
      • ‘One is famous for his big glasses and his flamboyant dress sense, whilst the other is known for his tight fitting trousers and his gravelly voice.’
      • ‘Stanley was very tall and though a very sweet man, he had a deep, gravelly voice that often got him jobs on cartoon shows as dastardly villains.’
      • ‘But her gravelly voice suddenly leapt with glee when Allen brought out an old, blue hard-sided suitcase.’
      • ‘‘I was told you were the best,’ he hissed angrily, in a deep gravelly voice that sent a chill into Ark's bones.’
      • ‘His gravelly voice was even rougher than usual, harsh and grating, but the child didn't seem to notice.’
      • ‘The voice was deep and gravelly as if the person had a sore throat and was hoarse.’
      • ‘It's not her fault that she looks like a man, or has a gravelly voice, or isn't particularly poised or charming.’
      • ‘His gravelly voice boomed out into the night, through the little, tiny windows, beckoning those outside closer.’
      • ‘He had this really gravelly voice, very intense, and he was completely wild looking too.’
      • ‘‘I'm not getting any younger,’ he says in his deep, gravelly voice.’
      • ‘What came out was in a rough, gravelly voice, but she could make out the words quite clearly.’
      • ‘I always wait to read them until Jon gets home, and then I usually read it aloud in a deep, low, gravelly voice with a twinge of a Southern accent, since he's in Texas.’
      • ‘‘You're up early,’ he said, in his deep, gravelly voice.’
      • ‘But the music was everything I imagined it would be, all bombast woodwind and deep gravelly voices.’
      • ‘‘Rap is our way of resisting the occupation, it's our weapon,’ he explains timidly in a manner that seems incongruent with his gravelly voice and the harsh lyrics that blast out from the stereo speakers behind him.’
      • ‘‘Before we say goodbye to another year,’ Patrick said in his deep, gravelly voice, ‘I'm going to say a few words.’’
      • ‘He has a rather manic look about him - scrunched up face and a very low gravelly voice - and when I was first introduced to him I'll admit to being pretty wary.’
      • ‘We will miss his deep, gravelly voice that told of his Suffolk origin as soon as he spoke to you.’
      husky, gruff, throaty, deep, croaking, raspy, rasping, grating, harsh, low, rough, rough-sounding, thick, guttural
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