Definition of gratuitously in US English:



  • 1Without good reason; unjustifiably.

    ‘artifacts were gratuitously destroyed’
    ‘gratuitously insulting remarks’
    • ‘Artifacts too large to be carried away were gratuitously destroyed.’
    • ‘Thankfully, the New York quartet don't share that band's annoying tendency to gratuitously swear like petulant third-graders.’
    • ‘This was a misinformed and gratuitously insulting attack.’
    • ‘It's not a smart move to gratuitously antagonise a welterweight boxing champ.’
    • ‘The government is increasingly accepting stress as an illness and as a result it is repeatedly and gratuitously used as an excuse for society to hide behind.’
    • ‘Why you should gratuitously offend a substantial part of your readership is beyond me.’
    • ‘In real diplomacy you don't gratuitously insult allies you might need in the future.’
    • ‘She now regrets gratuitously slating other creative people.’
  • 2Free of charge.

    ‘his care was provided gratuitously’
    • ‘Liability for negligent advice is imposed irrespective of whether it is given gratuitously.’
    • ‘The services of the laboratory are offered gratuitously to any scientist or graduate student engaged in research which makes a significant contribution to progress in the fields of science.’
    • ‘Bread was given away gratuitously by a vendor who was left with scores of hard dough he was unable to sell.’
    • ‘They are appointed by the government and give their services gratuitously.’
    • ‘He described Gueret's views as a "full-frontal, hypocritical, misinformed and gratuitously insulting attack".’
    • ‘They offered information to the court gratuitously, just to help the court avoid error.’
    • ‘He gave his services gratuitously.’
    • ‘State Education was entirely free; and all school equipment was gratuitously supplied.’