Definition of gratinéed in US English:



  • See gratiné

    • ‘There are many weighty acompañamientos to go with this heavy food, the most interesting of which is a bubbling, gratinéed amalgam of black olives, chestnuts, and mushrooms.’
    • ‘A designated signature dish of mushroom ravioli al forno had a pasty filling reminiscent of baby food, a sea of cream sauce, and none of the glazed, textural gratinéed effects a serious stint in a really hot oven might provide.’
    • ‘You can opt for an extra appetizer for $3.95; on the night we visited gratinéed artichokes or escargots forestière were among the choices.’
    • ‘There's not much to say about a gratinéed onion soup - served without a spoon, no less - that tastes mostly of salt.’
    • ‘Each dish is accompanied by a pile of steaming pommes Lyonnais gratinéed the colour of old ivory.’