Definition of grass skirt in US English:

grass skirt


  • A skirt made of long grass and leaves fastened to a waistband, associated especially with female dancers from some Pacific islands.

    • ‘Although she wears a traditional top and grass skirt, she is blonde and obviously, not of Hawaiian decent.’
    • ‘So to round off the evening the children were dressed in tie dyed costumes, grass skirts and beating drums performed two lively African dance songs.’
    • ‘Not only were the children performing, many ladies donned grass skirts and showed the youngsters what they could do; they had been doing it for years and were still doing it!’
    • ‘The 20 singers, dressed in national costume which included grass skirts, were from Zambia.’
    • ‘A fetish priest wears a grass skirt and make up like the Aborigines do too.’
    • ‘During possession, the priest, who appears to be in a trance, wears a grass skirt [doso] to which are pinned many protective charms [asuman].’
    • ‘Guitarists, drummers, and women in grass skirts are among them.’
    • ‘It's like a new version of the grass skirt and coconut bikini.’
    • ‘Girls in grass skirts handed out fresh leis flown in from Hawaii.’
    • ‘The group typically dons tropical regalia such as foam parrot hats, grass skirts and loudly flowered shirts and shorts.’
    • ‘Hawaii offers so much more than grass skirts and palm trees.’
    • ‘Hula dancers in grass skirts and shell leis, moving to the beat of drums and the cadence of a chant, gracefully acted out the story of a long-ago canoe voyage from Polynesia to Hawaii.’
    • ‘His grass skirt was blowing dangerously close to his chain and he was using one hand to support the four-foot-tall wooden tribal mask he was wearing.’
    • ‘The leading Maori bellowed, leaped up and down, and stomped in his grass skirt and waved a stone club artfully to and fro.’
    • ‘The locals still live in long houses in villages and fish from outrigger canoes, and many still wear local attire, including grass skirts and penis sheaths.’
    • ‘Next day we put on grass skirts and learned hula dancing.’
    • ‘The women glide across the stage, their arms emphasise the soft waves, their hips in grass skirts allude to the swaying palms.’
    • ‘As well as the sand on the floor the pool table has doubled up as a cocktail bar and staff are dressed in a Hawaiian shirts and grass skirts.’
    • ‘The islands are known for music (primarily fast, complex drumming) and dance, in particular the fast, hip-swinging tamure, which is performed in traditional costumes consisting of grass skirts and headbands.’
    • ‘A few people still do wear grass skirts or bark loin cloths.’


grass skirt

/ˌɡræs ˈskərt//ˌɡras ˈskərt/