Definition of grasping in English:



  • Greedy; avaricious.

    [in combination] ‘grasping, power-hungry individuals’
    • ‘It's a grasping, greedy society, fuelled by educational expectation and privilege.’
    • ‘The play's more engaging theme is found in the moral struggle the characters encounter as they wrestle with the notion of integrity in the face of their grasping egos.’
    • ‘In another, a grasping mother and daughter are duped out of their upward social climb by an unscrupulous foreigner.’
    • ‘He has been transformed from a grasping, selfish, small-time operator into a decent fellow who now plays a game of ludo with the rejuvenated elders.’
    • ‘This is a grasping, ambitious woman in the style of Lady Macbeth, who'll readily sacrifice people for her own gain.’
    • ‘They may, in the way of families, be primitive, grasping and sadistic.’
    • ‘It rather appears that your job of spiritual adviser is being undermined by your brother, the grasping wretch.’
    • ‘Have you never been driven to distraction by a grasping building contractor?’
    • ‘A grasping and greedy ethos seems to be what grips most of our citizens.’
    • ‘She hid it under the carpets to keep it from the grasping claws of her greedy brother, who was a man not averse to physical violence and who put pressure on everybody to help him service his frequent debts.’
    • ‘He will continue to privatise whatever he can get his grasping little hands on.’
    • ‘It was certainly entertaining and one could not help but feel sorry for him for being involved with such a grasping, shallow woman of the sort portrayed here!’
    • ‘I did not know that this covers a grasping avariciousness by the family towards the children.’
    • ‘When grasping and unprincipled people begin to test the patience of the general public, I believe they have something to worry about.’
    • ‘Loopholes come about through the pleading of property owners who dare to suggest that there is merit to keeping private property safe from the grasping hand of power.’
    avaricious, acquisitive, greedy, rapacious, grabbing, usurious, covetous, venal
    mercenary, materialistic, money-oriented
    mean, miserly, parsimonious, niggardly, scrimping, penny-pinching, cheese-paring, hoarding, selfish, possessive, close
    tight-fisted, tight, stingy, money-grubbing, money-grabbing, on the make
    cheap, grabby
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