Definition of grappling hook in US English:

grappling hook

(also grappling iron)


  • A device with iron claws, attached to a rope and used for dragging or grasping.

    • ‘The man in front was standing, brandishing a grappling hook over his head, preparing to hook to the stone wall.’
    • ‘All he had to do now was to ‘borrow’ some rope and a grappling hook, and he would enter the palace.’
    • ‘The planks and grappling irons were removed and The Relentless sailed away.’
    • ‘Now, if she had a grappling hook, it would be a different story…’
    • ‘Eagerly, he pulled out the climbing rope and the grappling hook.’
    • ‘He took a rope with a grappling hook out of his pack.’
    • ‘If she had a rope she could make a grappling hook or something.’
    • ‘He had handed the flashlight to Fred who was now shining it in the direction of the grappling hook and rope.’
    • ‘He used a home-made grappling hook and rope to scale the 30-foot wall.’
    • ‘His thumb placed pressure on a specific button on the side of the object, launching a grappling hook into the air.’
    • ‘One squad fired grappling hooks inside the cave complex, then pulled it back out the entrance, a technique used to detonate any booby traps.’
    • ‘They threw a grappling hook over to Nikki's roof.’
    • ‘I had a rope with a grappling hook, just in case I needed to escape over some tall walls if Cale decided to chase after me.’
    • ‘Once there, they will assault the granite island with inflatables and grappling irons.’
    • ‘They were bereft of actual grappling hooks and climbing tools.’
    • ‘He took his sword and cut the rope of the grappling hook.’
    • ‘Breaking off, Sean maneuvered his ship next to the freighter, and fired grappling hooks, pulling the freighter in to board.’
    • ‘Facing forward again, Jeremy quickly grabbed a grappling hook attached to a rope that was tied to his pack.’
    • ‘I was about to speak when a grappling hook shot up and hooked onto the rail.’
    • ‘How they land is still a mystery, but evidently claws on their back legs act like grappling hooks to snag the trunk and hang on.’


grappling hook

/ˈɡrapliNG ˌho͝ok//ˈɡræplɪŋ ˌhʊk/