Definition of graphitize in US English:


(British graphitise)


  • Convert or be converted into graphite.

    • ‘A normal graphitizing anneal in the austenitic temperature range is recommended where undesirable amounts of carbide are present.’
    • ‘These treatments are ferritizing annealing, medium annealing, and graphitizing annealing.’
    • ‘Chromium is included in these alloys, at levels from 1.4 to 4% to ensure that the irons will solidify with carbides to counteract the graphitizing effect of nickel.’
    • ‘Chromium is primarily added to offset the graphitizing effects of nickel and silicon in types A, B, and C alloys, ranges from 1.4 to 3.5%. Chromium content must be increased with increasing section size.’
    • ‘However, the local occurrence of poorly graphitized carbonaceous material in amphibolite-facies rocks supports the idea that graphitization is not simply due to increasing temperature and pressure.’