Definition of graphical in US English:



  • 1Relating to or in the form of a graph.

    ‘flowcharts are graphical presentations’
    • ‘I have a strong belief in the value of graphical presentation.’
    • ‘This marked difference emphasized the importance of a graphical report.’
    • ‘At its heart is the graphical presentation of data and their analysis using statistical process control.’
    • ‘We have shown previously that simple graphical presentations of risk can be undertaken as part of consultation, with a desktop computer.’
    • ‘This graphical procedure can be repeated, without becoming blinded by lists of numbers.’
    • ‘The graphical presentation is much more effective than figures relating to the amount of congestion.’
    • ‘None of that appears in the Met Office's graphical presentation.’
    • ‘That kind of claim lends itself to graphical and interactive presentation.’
    • ‘He also introduced two planes of projection at right angles to each other for graphical description of solid objects.’
    • ‘We introduce the skyline plot, a graphical, nonparametric estimate of demographic history.’
    • ‘For example, graphical data are presented in only 15 of the 43 chapters, and there are no diagrams or pictures in the book.’
    • ‘This idea could be used for creating graphical structures for any kind of report or paper.’
    • ‘Residuals were examined for normality and homogeneity of variance using graphical procedures.’
    • ‘These graphical techniques lend themselves to a natural and straightforward assessment of statistical power.’
    • ‘These two pairs of hyperbolic curves can be used for graphical analysis of these two different processes.’
    • ‘Users can select from a list of properties to further narrow the choices, which are compared on a graphical chart.’
    • ‘The emphasis in this presentation is on graphical rather than on mathematical interpretation.’
    • ‘In addition, this graphical solution shows the effect of resource divisibility.’
    • ‘Ideally a graphical presentation, such as a control chart, should be used to aid recording and deciding treatment changes.’
    • ‘We present a graphical model based upon variation in nitrogen flux in the host plant.’
  • 2Relating to visual art or computer graphics.

    ‘a high-resolution graphical display’
    • ‘It may be a full video scene, or just a graphical page from a book giving you information.’
    • ‘If the artwork shows its age, not so much in style but in graphical chunkiness, the voice acting is excellent.’
    • ‘A simple graphical interface is displayed on the TV, allowing the user to find what he wants and play it.’
    • ‘The graphical dimension of the episode was grossly under-played, creating room for public speculation.’
    • ‘Flash is a powerful web technology that achieves a high level of visual impact from the graphical point of view.’
    • ‘You can control the camera with the mouse; all the actions can be made with graphical interface and hotkeys.’
    • ‘It also proved that computing could be a graphical rather than a text-based experience.’
    • ‘Offering cartoon style visuals, the graphical presentation is true to the light-hearted nature of the game.’
    • ‘When assessing visuals, the graphical representation of each war machine is fairly solid in detail.’
    • ‘The calculator acquires a graphical interface and its calculation results are presented in graphic form.’
    • ‘This is controlled by a simple slider bar and a graphical representation will show you how it's likely to affect your images.’
    • ‘Blurry, washed-out and uninspired, it has gone from being a graphical masterpiece to a visual travesty.’
    • ‘The new graphical interface is very nice and definitely easier to use.’
    • ‘It's a graphical internet chat program that you can download to your computer for free.’
    • ‘The Virtual Museum El Pais is an excellent online tour and is surprisingly quick to load for the amount of graphical content it has.’
    • ‘A graphical editor's scrollbar tells you where you are, and you can click on it to view other parts of the file.’
    • ‘A comic panel is a graphical representation of an instance in time of a sequential course of events.’
    • ‘By the way, here's a visual history of icon-based graphical computer user interfaces.’
    • ‘People will want an increasingly sophisticated visual representation of their character as graphical environments improve.’
    • ‘The graphical interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, and the package as a whole is easy to use.’
    graphic, tabular, pictorial, delineative, illustrative, representational, representative, schematic
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