Definition of graphic novel in US English:

graphic novel


  • A novel in comic-strip format.

    • ‘Boys like graphic novels, too, but not stories about relationships.’
    • ‘I suspect I've got fewer than a thousand books in my home, not counting my wife's books, cookbooks, or graphic novels.’
    • ‘He had long been a fan of comic graphic novels, and he recognised that sensibility.’
    • ‘While artists and publishers worked around the comic code, it wasn't until graphic novels that comic art, as an form of expression rebounded.’
    • ‘His first graphic novel collects stories from this period.’
    • ‘I walked into a large chain bookstore in Paris while we were there, and no kidding, the whole first floor was devoted to graphic novels of one form or another.’
    • ‘The animated series carried on the complex storylines of the graphic novel, but it proved too much for younger viewers.’
    • ‘The superhero, the most popular subject of comics and graphic novels, can also prompt more thoughtful stories now than in earlier times.’
    • ‘Comic books and graphic novels have been a part of American culture for over 60 years, and now they are successfully finding their place in libraries.’
    • ‘Yet by piecing together three of Miller's own graphic novels into one filmic narrative, the focus is blurred and the violence portrayed onscreen grows pornographic.’
    • ‘There is a lot of overlap between science fiction fans, movie fans, and fans of comics / graphic novels.’
    • ‘I read comic books and graphic novels and frankly, I don't care what you think about that.’
    • ‘In fact, the fastest-growing section of your local bookstore these days is apt to be the one devoted to comics and so-called graphic novels.’
    • ‘But one thing about now, as opposed to then, has been the rise of graphic novels, and comics biography and autobiography.’
    • ‘While I've kind of stopped reading comics again (or graphic novels, if you prefer), I'll make an effort to get hold of these.’
    • ‘She asked me if I knew of any good examples of metanarrative in comics or graphic novels.’
    • ‘He has woven his craft in many forms; graphic novels and comic books, short stories and full length novels and even children's books.’
    • ‘And having studied visual communication in London, he says graphic novels have a big future in India.’
    • ‘For approximately the past twenty-five years, the level of artistry in US comics and graphic novels has risen.’
    • ‘Television, comics and graphic novels have also influenced younger generations with cartoon imagery.’
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graphic novel

/ˈɡræfɪk ˈnɑvəl/