Definition of graphene in US English:



  • A fullerene consisting of bonded carbon atoms in sheet form one atom thick.

    • ‘Graphite has a crystal structure consisting of many one-atom-thick carbon sheets known as graphene.’
    • ‘Carbon nanotubes are rolled up sheets of graphene just a few nanometres in diameter that can behave as either metals or semiconductors depending on their atomic arrangement.’
    • ‘Known as graphene, the new fabric effectively exists in just two dimensions, and could pave the way for computers built from single molecules.’
    • ‘So if your local network broadcast pulses in the infrared, these fibers could act as both detectors and displays, while the graphene above could handle the computations to transform one to the other.’
    • ‘The electronic properties of a carbon nanotube, for example, depend on its chirality, which, in turn, depends on the direction in which the graphene sheet has been rolled up to form the nanotube.’


1980s: blend of graphite and -ene (sense 2).