Definition of graphemic in US English:



  • See grapheme

    • ‘Those authors presented words in a study phase, accompanied by one of three types of questions, about the graphemic, phonemic or semantic properties of the word.’
    • ‘To develop skills in learners, exercises are designed with important Telugu graphemic signs and pictures for repetition and practice.’
    • ‘Selecting the correct word requires the user to attend to the specific/unique characteristics (e.g., phonemic, graphemic, morphemic) of the word among other, similar sounding and looking words.’
    • ‘The present results unequivocally demonstrate that graphemic cues, in the form of the first letter of the solution word, can be effective cues for anagram solution.’
    • ‘Our reasoning was that the passive condition ensured that the children received visual / graphemic and phonological input exactly at the same time, which might be important for forming the relevant associations.’