Definition of grape ivy in US English:

grape ivy


  • An evergreen climbing plant of the grape family that is grown as a houseplant.

    Genus Cissus, family Vitaceae: several species, in particular C. rhombifolia

    • ‘I'm very conscious when I purchase grape ivy to inspect the plant carefully for any signs of mildew.’
    • ‘Grape Ivy is a wonderful trailing plant that we frequently use as a stand alone plant on table or cabinet tops.’
    • ‘The first and most common type was Cissus rhombifolia known as "grape ivy" since the foliage resembles grape leaves and it climbs with the aid of tendrils.’
    • ‘He analyzed the DNA of one species within the F. graminearum family tree that was isolated from diseased tissue of a tropical ornamental called grape ivy or oakleaf ivy.’
    • ‘Place your "Grape Ivy" in bright filtered light. Direct sunshine will burn the foliage of this plant.’


grape ivy

/ɡrāp ˈīvē/