Definition of granophyric in US English:



  • See granophyre

    • ‘The first sign of melting in thin-section is the development of fine granophyric rims on grain boundaries between quartz and feldspar, interpreted to be solidified quartzo-feldspathic melt.’
    • ‘Small intrusions of mafic diorite (the Northern Charnwood Diorites) and large intrusions of granophyric diorite (the Southern Charnwood Diorites or markfieldites) cut the bedded sequence.’
    • ‘The rounded conglomerate pebbles consist of siltstone, mudstone, wacke, granophyric igneous rocks, and various intermediate to felsic volcanic rocks, set in a matrix rich in quartz and feldspar grains.’
    • ‘Other fragments of igneous rock occur rarely and include granite (sometimes with granophyric texture), volcanic acidintermediate clasts with aphanitic texture and rounded fragments of silicified ash.’
    • ‘Sample CHA 3005 was taken from one of these rhyolite domes; it has miarolitic cavities and a conspicuous graphic and granophyric fabric.’