Definition of granny knot in US English:

granny knot


  • A square knot with the ends crossed the wrong way and therefore liable to slip or jam.

    • ‘Blow the balloon up to a normal size and knot the end tight with a granny knot.’
    • ‘The procedure doesn't distinguish, for example, between the granny knot and the square knot even though it is impossible to deform one into the other.’
    • ‘A double turn blood knot will do the trick, or tie a few granny knots in the tail link.’
    • ‘Park, a keen sailor, told the trial he did not use granny knots, of which there were some on the body ropes.’
    • ‘Cut it off about 2 feet beyond the top bar, and tie this loose end with a granny knot that will come out easily later.’
    • ‘It was a process a bit like tying a granny knot: twisting one edge of the sausage rope into a loop, then threading the other end through, looping it, and twisting again.’


granny knot

/ˈɡranē nät//ˈɡræni nɑt/