Definition of granitization in US English:


(British granitisation)


  • See granitize

    • ‘During granitization, these elements are believed to be displaced and moved through the rock ahead of the granitization front, to form a zone enriched in minerals such as hornblende and pyroxene.’
    • ‘Thus, granites can form both by magmatism and granitization or a combination of the two.’
    • ‘The polyphasic character of these granitization processes have, in some cases, made basic rocks appear to be enclosed within granites like intrusive rocks.’
    • ‘Glaucophane, is not a mineral typical of granite; it is typical of high-grade schists and may be preserved during the granitization of metamorphic rocks.’
    • ‘The whole of this territory is, therefore, worth examination in the light of the granitization hypothesis.’