Definition of grandbaby in English:



  • A grandchild who is still a baby.

    • ‘At this rate, I'll never have a daughter-in-law, much less grandbabies.’
    • ‘Similarly, I in my turn expect to be free of the tasks of raising young children for quite some years before I become a grandparent, and I hope to treasure and adore my grandbabies as much as the her grandparents adore her.’
    • ‘I hope when you have a family one day you learn to cook or my poor future grandbabies will starve.’
    • ‘I look forward to bouncing my grandbabies on my knee.’
    • ‘So my daughter tells me that not only are you my grandbaby's godmother but also that she's named after you!’
    • ‘That man in there is the father of your grandbaby and my child and I won't let you do that to him.’
    • ‘The Army, his wife, his kids and his brand new grandbaby are what mean everything to him.’
    • ‘We all want to be able to communicate with our babies, grandbabies or siblings as soon as we can beyond the babbling and cooing.’
    • ‘I've already knitted a couple of jacket sets for Susan's new grandbaby (due at the end of the year), have orders for several cardigans for my granddaughter Elinor and Mark has asked me to knit him an Aran jacket - and I said yes!’
    • ‘And when I saw that little grandbaby in those pictures, it makes your heart break just to look at those sweet little children.’
    • ‘I'm thinking about how quickly time has gone and how fast the grandbabies are growing up.’
    • ‘But before I got to my room, I stopped at the wall Mom had specially made to hold pictures of all her children and grandbabies.’
    • ‘I didn't dwell on not having my own because I had a gorgeous boy I knew would sweep a girl off her feet and give me all the grandbabies I want.’
    • ‘After drinking her water and listening to Greta talk about her new grandbabies, Abbey politely told her that she needed to get some sleep.’
    • ‘‘People laying all over the ground, the bus terminal is full, they saying that there's nothing they can do, they can't put us up in hotel rooms, my grandbaby hasn't had anything to eat,’ says Darlene.’