Definition of gram-molecular weight in US English:

gram-molecular weight

(also GMW)


  • The quantity of a chemical compound equal to its molecular weight in grams; now usually replaced by the mole. Also called gram molecule.

    See mole
    • ‘For species that undergo changes in oxidation state in chemical reactions, the extent of change in the oxidation state determines the relationship between the number of gram-equivalents and the number of moles (gram-molecular weights).’
    • ‘Example 3 - To prepare hafnium pyrophosphate phosphor from a mixture containing excess phosphate, follow the procedure of Example 1 except substitute 2.20 gram-molecular weight ammonium dihydrogen phosphate (instead of 2.00 gram-molecular weight).’
    • ‘The solution obtained in step 1 preferably contains the following concentrations of V and Ni, given as the number of gram-atomic weights (herein referred to as mole) per liter solution, and of NH.sub.3, given as the number of gram-molecular weights (herein also referred to as mole) per liter solution.’
    • ‘Thus, the gram-equivalent weight of calcium is 40.08/2 = 20.04, half the gram-molecular weight.’
    • ‘Analogous terms, such as gram-molecular weight for the molecular weight of a compound expressed in grams, were similarly used.’