Definition of grainless in US English:



  • See grain

    • ‘Even with the grainy 35 mm Kodak High Speed Infrared film the light values are creamy and grainless with an almost ethereal beauty.’
    • ‘The granular quality of the early calotypes lent itself to a continuation of the picturesque aesthetic, while the grainless, mirror quality of the daguerreotype offered an illusion of unmediated reality.’
    • ‘This highly sophisticated camera - one of only six in the world - produces a lush, full-color, high resolution, vividly detailed, virtually grainless surface, large format, contact photograph in just 70 seconds!’
    • ‘The technique is essentially a development of the woodcut, the earliest of printmaking methods, but linocuts are much simpler to make because the material is soft and grainless and therefore easier to work.’
    • ‘In this article, I describe a nifty trick for simulating film grain in an otherwise grainless digital image.’