Definition of grain whiskey in English:

grain whiskey


  • Whiskey made mainly from corn and barley.

    • ‘Irish whiskey like Scotch is a blended liquor containing both barley malt and other grain whiskeys.’
    • ‘A blend of malt and grain whiskey that has been gently mature in oak casks is used to create the distinct flavour and character that is unique to Locke's Irish Whiskey.’
    • ‘Irish whiskeys are usually blends of single malt and single grain whiskeys produced in Ireland.’
    • ‘This lighter, more drinkable grain whiskey extended the appeal of whiskey to a considerably wider consumer market.’
    • ‘Over 90 per cent of all whiskey consumed is a blend of pure malt whiskey and grain whiskey.’
    • ‘The grain whiskeys are made from wheat and maize.’
    • ‘Once the single malt or grain whiskeys have been properly aged, a skilled whiskey blender uses his native understanding of each single malt Scotch whiskey to create a blended Scotch.’
    • ‘All of the largest selling scotches are blended, not only from malts but also from the lighter and more neutral tasting grain whiskeys made from unmalted barley or, more often, corn.’
    • ‘There is a single malt whiskey made from 100% malted barley distilled in a pot still, and a grain whiskey made from grains distilled in a column still.’
    • ‘It is made up of 40 different single malt and grain whiskeys all of which are aged at least 12 years.’
    • ‘Only 5,000 bottles of this limited edition single grain whiskey and smaller quantities of the older ages will be made available due to inventory constraints.’
    • ‘Using the milder column still, the grain whiskeys were less affected by ageing, being low in congeners and thus less inter-reactive with the extracted wood compounds of the cask.’
    • ‘Irish whiskeys pass through three distillations and are sometimes blended with neutral grain whiskeys to produce a lighter-bodied product.’