Definition of grade point in US English:

grade point


  • A numerical value assigned to a letter grade received in a course at a college or university, multiplied by the number of credits awarded for the course.

    • ‘Furthermore, studies reflect a large grade point decrease in students' four-year college grades compared to their previous grades at the community college.’
    • ‘For children with good academic backgrounds, schools often waive the extra fees, and only demand extra payments from weak students, sometimes requesting 10,000 yuan per grade point below the acceptable standard.’
    • ‘The authors of this book so believe in it, it has a written guarantee that if you apply it, your average will go up one grade point or your money back.’
    • ‘‘Using 20 years of research data, we have established that grade point in these core classes is just as important as test scores in predicting academic success,’’
    • ‘I had got 13/15 in his quizzes, and so I ended up with a grade of B +, which means 7 out of 10 when translated to grade points.’
    • ‘They were told that they would lose no experimental course credit or grade points for violating any of our instructions, and that it was important that they be honest.’
    • ‘In spring 2002, 42 percent of the student athletes earned a grade point of 3.00 or above (23 percent had a 3.50 or higher).’