Definition of governorship in US English:



  • 1The office or position of being the elected executive head of a state of the US.

    ‘his campaign for the governorship of California’
    • ‘The chairman of the party's financial committee always held the governorship of the Central Bank.’
    • ‘He had not a single qualification for the governorship of a bank.’
    • ‘He continued the governorship of the Company, his authority never challenged by subordinates or the Committee in London.’
    • ‘As consul, he used violence to force through legislation favouring Pompey and Crassus and giving himself the governorship of Gaul.’
    • ‘The aluminium magnate won the governorship of the autonomous region, just across the Bering Straits from Alaska, in 2000.’
    1. 1.1 The office or position of being governor of a town, region, or public institution.
      ‘the governorship of the bank’
      • ‘Political parties were formed, and candidates were nominated for president and vice president, the two houses of the National Assembly, governorships, and state houses of assembly.’
      • ‘The party has already lost the governorships of New Jersey and Virginia.’
      • ‘By the early 1990s, the Texas governorship was again in the hands of a Democrat.’
      • ‘The party has already lost the governorships of New Jersey and Virginia in the first major post-Obama votes.’
      • ‘Two years later, at thirty-two, he won the Arkansas governorship.’
      • ‘Almost immediately after winning the governorship, he had begun to maneuver for a seat in the U.S. Senate.’
    2. 1.2 The office or position of being the representative of the British Crown in a colony or in a Commonwealth state that regards the monarch as head of state.
      ‘the governorship of Bermuda was traditionally one of the most prestigious posts’
      • ‘In February 1559 he made a desperate plea to the queen to allow him to resign the governorship.’
      • ‘On June 30, 1629, Henry Hawley arrived on the island and assumed the governorship.’
      • ‘Like his predecessor, he was a distinguished soldier without civil experience rewarded with a colonial governorship.’
      • ‘He assumed the governorship of Hong Kong on 25 July 1947 and retired on 31 December 1957, having been the colony's longest serving governor.’
      • ‘With the arrival of Captain Morgan on the barque Duke of York on 27 July 1836 at Kingscote, Wallen's governorship came to an end.’
      • ‘He was promised the governorship of Gibraltar, but was disappointed.’
      • ‘Cosby arrived in New York to assume the governorship in August of 1731.’