Definition of governmentwide in US English:


adverb & adjective

  • Affecting or involving all areas and departments of government.

    ‘a governmentwide program to determine if work in the nation's forests could be done better by private contractors’
    • ‘The proposal also includes a 7 percent increase in governmentwide information technology spending, for a total of $65.1 billion.’
    • ‘However, a year later, amid continuing controversy, President Jimmy Carter ordered a governmentwide crackdown on what he termed ‘the excessively large volume of consulting and expert services.’’
    • ‘The military preferred to exacerbate a governmentwide shortage of Arabic-speakers rather than relax its gay ban, though the policy stigmatizes patriots and injures the military's readiness.’
    • ‘It's early in the governmentwide reorganization of homeland security, and the ultimate role of the US military is still in play.’