Definition of gourde in US English:



  • The basic monetary unit of Haiti, equal to 100 centimes.

    • ‘So his father sold one of his plots to raise the 5,000 gourdes fare for him.’
    • ‘First, the warehousemen's union was recently informed that a job that normally pays 10,000 gourdes would henceforth pay 2,000 gourdes.’
    • ‘As we're leaving he asks for 500 gourdes.’
    • ‘Some of the migrants want to make a new home in a place with steady work, and some stay only for a few weeks, just long enough to take back 800 or 1,000 gourdes.’
    • ‘Conditions for the masses continue to deteriorate, with the value of the national currency, the gourde, falling from 15 to the dollar in 1996 to 24 to the dollar today.’


The Franco-American name for a dollar.