Definition of gougère in US English:



  • A puff of choux pastry flavored with cheese (usually Gruyère), often stuffed with a savory filling.

    • ‘But for a truly memorable cheese moment, serve gougères, the famous cheese puffs of Burgundy.’
    • ‘You can even make gougères, or cheese puffs, by omitting the sugar and adding grated cheese to the dough.’
    • ‘But we forgot all about it when a stack of gougères filled with melted Gruyère and smoked ham arrived, followed by a gourmet pulled-pork tortilla spiked with cumin and black-eyed peas.’
    • ‘Bake in a preheated oven (200 ¼ C / 400 ¼ F / gas mark 6) for 30 minutes or until the gougères have puffed up and are golden brown all over.’
    • ‘Order the addictively airy gougères, hollow pastry shells scented with cheese, as soon as you sit down.’
    • ‘In between fondues, I tackled a basket of tiny cheese puffs called gougères, a fairly bland steak tartare, and a bowl of delicious escargots sealed in a buttery pastry crust.’
    • ‘Chantal presented the different products and their possible uses, they were passed from hand to hand, and we made a couple of recipes together (a really tasty spinach and fresh cheese roll, and some gougères, those little cheese puffs).’