Definition of Gouda in English:



  • A flat round cheese with a yellow rind, originally made in the town of Gouda in the Netherlands.

    • ‘The cheese courses, from Pierre Robert to Gouda with apple-and-maple strudel, enchanted even those at the table who eschew anything more complex than a wheel of Brie.’
    • ‘He found a bottle of barbecue sauce, which replaced the traditional tomato sauce, then piled chicken slices, smoked Gouda cheese, mozzarella cheese, red onion and lots of cilantro on top of the dough.’
    • ‘Boasting the highest yields of milk per cow in the world, the Netherlands provides some of the world's most famous cheeses, including Edam and Gouda.’
    • ‘They include the Elite range of Edam, Emmentaler, Mature Cheddar, Gouda and Cheddar cheeses.’
    • ‘Then he stands up and proceeds to shave very thin slices of cheese from a large wheel of Gouda.’
    • ‘At lunchtime, however, it seemed essential to restrict ourselves to salad and cheese (there is a remarkably good cheese manufacturer creating Kenyan Gouda outside Nairobi), in order to be able to do justice to the full works come dinner.’
    • ‘Of course, it's rare to be walking through Greenwich Village on a hot day and say to oneself: ‘I could really go for a slice of Gouda right now!’’
    • ‘Our Dutch Gouda, Spanish goat, and buttery Mahon were a fitting finale for such sophisticated food, a strong-enough draw to bring us back to this western frontier long after the ice-cream carts of summer have gone.’
    • ‘Then I topped a gargantuan sesame seed bagel with a layer of creamy butter and a thick chunk of Gouda before biting into it.’
    • ‘The fondue might be bacon and Cheddar, or Zamorano with little bits of chorizo, or one of several fondues du jour, like Gouda mixed with Guinness Stout.’
    • ‘The state is home to the nation's largest Brie and Gouda/Edam cheese plants.’
    • ‘Some semifirm and firm cheeses, like Provolone and some Dutch Gouda, are preserved with a coating of wax.’
    • ‘In my previous experience, Dutch cheese came in two types, Edam and Gouda.’
    • ‘Be it Swiss or Gouda, any type of cheese will do the trick.’
    • ‘While the oven preheats, simply chop the onions (or use frozen diced onions), shred the Gouda, grab the mozzarella, then assemble everything on the ready-to-use crust.’
    • ‘If, like Josie, you crave the taste of cheese, top a slice of fibre-rich, wholemeal bread with a sliver of naturally lower-fat cheese like Gouda.’
    • ‘Optional are the array of cold cuts and assorted, imported cheese including cheddar, Parmesan, Roquefort, Gouda, Bluevein and Ememdline.’
    • ‘There's a basic assortment of Dutch cheeses (aged Gouda and traditional blue cheese) and a platter of fritters served with drizzles of anise and vanilla butter.’
    • ‘Edam, Gouda, and Friesland cheese all date back to the early Middle Ages.’
    • ‘Paddy Jack cheeses from Ballacolla, Co Laois, had blue Brie and Camembert and an excellent two-year-old Gouda.’