Definition of gossypol in US English:



  • A toxic crystalline compound present in cottonseed oil.

    A polycyclic phenol; chemical formula: C₃₀H₃₀O₈

    • ‘Conversely, research evidence indicates that some of the gossypol that is bound may be released as free gossypol during digestion, which can be absorbed by the digestive tract.’
    • ‘In terms of fertility, dairy bulls maintained on a ration containing significant amounts of free gossypol from cottonseed meal appear to benefit from receiving 4,000 IU / d supplemental vitamin E.’
    • ‘While gossypol is found in cottonseed, there are limited methods for extracting large quantities of it.’
    • ‘‘We're examining the effectiveness of gossypol from cottonseed as a preventive agent for breast and prostate cancer,’ says Lin.’


Late 19th century: from modern Latin Gossypium (genus name), from Latin gossypinum, -pion ‘cotton plant’ (of unknown origin) + -ol.