Definition of gossipmonger in US English:



  • A person who habitually passes on confidential information or spreads rumors.

    • ‘It was, after all, the moment for which every gossipmonger had been waiting.’
    • ‘Their relationship kept gossipmongers agog for years.’
    • ‘Not an eternal gossipmonger, not a social butterfly, not a comedic actress, but a very serious-minded woman with a warmth that came from the depths of her soul.’
    • ‘But I'm fascinated by how gossipmongers make medical diagnoses on the flimsiest of paparazzi photos.’
    • ‘An eccentric rock star and his beautiful sister on a ranch in the middle of nowhere is irresistible fodder for the gossipmongers.’
    • ‘It was nicknamed toujours prêt - always ready - by Parisian gossipmongers.’
    • ‘If something happened at a luncheon or garden party it was bound to be all over the town by nightfall, thanks to gossipmongers like Lady Miller and her ilk.’
    • ‘We don't really know if blogs will become the political pamphlets or the broadsheet ballads of our time, but their ability to act as the gossipmongers of the global village is undisputed.’
    • ‘‘Sometimes it pays to listen to what the gossipmongers say,’ Thomas said vehemently.’
    • ‘Everyone knew there was no bigger squealer than a gossipmonger.’