Definition of gossip mill in US English:

gossip mill


  • ‘the Hollywood gossip mill has gone into overdrive this week with reports that one of its hottest couples are on the verge of splitting up’
    another term for rumor mill
    • ‘She often kept the gossip mill busy with stories of her publicly fighting with her various husbands.’
    • ‘Their breakup is gonna be enough to feed the gossip mills for months.’
    • ‘The gossip mills have been fuelled since by the fact that he has not raced on the European Grand Prix circuit for three years.’
    • ‘One can only imagine what it must have been like for her, having to be civil amid a group of Washington vipers eager for salacious titbits to grind on the gossip mill.’
    • ‘Rumors were spread through the Westmoore gossip mill that the two were on intimate terms.’