Definition of gossamer-thin in US English:



  • 1Very light and thin.

    ‘the gossamer-thin muscle that controls eye movement’
    ‘the gossamer-thin spring-roll pastry’
    • ‘The gossamer-thin spring-roll pastry can be bought from Oriental food stores and some speciality food halls and delis.’
    • ‘Science fiction became fact as researchers launched two large solar sails, successfully deploying the gossamer-thin sheets in space during a brief rocket flight.’
    • ‘These gossamer-thin, shimmery strands can also be observed caught or draped lightly on trees, fences, etc.’
    • ‘The sky above was a reddish blue color, with a few gossamer-thin clouds scuttling along at high speed.’
    • ‘Strands of hair were laid on gossamer-thin tissue paper and then a small palette knife was used to simultaneously glue them down and flatten them.’
    • ‘Carmelina handed the Signorina her bag and a gossamer-thin wrap.’
    • ‘To my left is a plate that contains six chunks of cheese, each wrapped in a gossamer-thin scarf of prosciutto.’
    • ‘The bosses have ordered hundreds of packets of gossamer-thin rubber gloves.’
    • ‘Kudos must be given for the gossamer-thin cuts of mushroom beneath slippery roasted peppers and wide shavings of Parmesan.’
    sheer, fine, ultra-fine, delicate, light, lightweight, thin, insubstantial, floaty, flimsy, filmy, silken, chiffony, gossamer, gossamery, gossamer-like, gauzy, gauzelike, cobwebby, feathery
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    1. 1.1 (of an account) weak and unconvincing or unsubstantial.
      ‘the gossamer-thin and silly plot’
      • ‘A gossamer-thin story about two lovers who have a spat is drowned in flaky, candy-colored special effects that look curiously old-fashioned.’
      • ‘The book is loved more for its images than its gossamer-thin tale about a boy's steam-powered quest to meet Santa Claus.’
      • ‘The story quickly becomes gossamer-thin around them, leaving the other insubstantial characters to float away.’
      • ‘The story line is gossamer-thin, centering around Margie's unrequited love for the singer.’
      • ‘It is an enjoyable 90 minutes, but gossamer-thin, no more than a series of songs strung together by a thin script that tells the story efficiently but with no richness.’