Definition of gorp in US English:



North American
  • A mixture of dried fruit and nuts eaten as a snack food by hikers and campers; trail mix.

    • ‘In no time flat, we borrowed a pair of skis from a friend and piled into her Subaru wagon, loaded down with water, Gore-Tex and gorp.’
    • ‘The CamelBak FlashFlo has 136 cubic inches of storage - enough for a few energy bars, a bag of gorp, and 45 ounces of water to wash it all down.’
    • ‘Take a break from gorp and beef jerky and make lunch on a day hike a feast.’
    • ‘A measure of Ken's loyalty is evidenced by the fact that we are still friends in spite of an effort I once made to feed him squirrel droppings along with the raisins in my gorp bag.’
    • ‘They radiate good health as they unpack bags of gorp, apples, whole-wheat pitas, and huge water bottles.’
    • ‘The breakfasts were hearty - pancakes with berries, bagels and eggs - and lunches included make-your-own gorp.’
    • ‘And I knew how much the gorp eaters loved their sport.’
    • ‘Overall, singletrack touring lends itself to simple food that doesn't require much preparation - gorp mix, beef jerky, pretzel pieces, hard candies, energy gel and sandwiches.’
    • ‘Half an hour later, a Ziploc bag of homemade gorp in one pocket of his parka and a stainless thermos of instant coffee in another, he picked up his Browning and started for his shooting hide.’


1970s: perhaps from gorp ‘eat greedily’ (attested in US informal use in the early 20th century); also often explained as an acronym from good old raisins and peanuts.