Definition of gorgio in US English:


nounPlural gorgios

  • The Gypsy name for a non-Gypsy.

    • ‘It has been asserted, I believe, by various gorgio writers, that they have everything in common, and that there is a common stock out of which every one takes what he needs; this is quite a mistake, however.’
    • ‘They do not object to the gorgios looking on, but they would rather they did not join in the merriment.’
    • ‘To say that all Travellers are thieves would be the same as saying that all gorgios (non-Travellers) are murderers because a few of them have committed murder.’
    • ‘I had no education and no knowledge of ‘gorgio’ civilisation, and I grew up wild as the birds, frolicsome as the lambs, and as difficult to catch as the rabbits.’
    • ‘However much some aspects of their social life and means of livelihood may overlap with their own, the Irish and some of the Scottish Travellers are gorgios, not Romanichals.’


From Romany gorjo.