Definition of gorgeously in US English:



  • 1In a very attractive manner.

    ‘a group of girls, all gorgeously dressed in silken gowns’
    ‘the restaurant is gorgeously decorated’
    • ‘Some of my favorite books are old, gorgeously illustrated encyclopedias and atlases.’
    • ‘Our food was gorgeously arranged on large, square, solid-coloured glass plates.’
    • ‘She is a gorgeously full-figured woman, and he is quite the strapping middle-aged man.’
    • ‘We emerged in a gorgeously decorated hall lit with wall-mounted lamps and carpeted with Victorian rugs.’
    • ‘Some of the women were gorgeously dressed, wearing the finest fashions.’
    • ‘In gorgeously rendered pencil drawings from the mid-1970s, barn owls in flight seem like ominous gods of the night.’
    • ‘My bedroom upstairs is decorated gorgeously in white, pale blue and lavender.’
    • ‘This gorgeously restored building is also home to an assortment of local artisans and antique dealers.’
    • ‘A thick, folded, gorgeously patterned rug just to the left of the center competes for pride of place.’
    • ‘Each and every guest was gorgeously attired.’
    1. 1.1 In a very pleasant or enjoyable manner.
      ‘gorgeously sung traditional tunes’
      • ‘It is a gorgeously realized and refreshingly carefree love story with a genuinely happy ending.’
      • ‘The fight scenes are gorgeously choreographed.’
      • ‘The movie gleefully flaunts the fact that it is gorgeously overdone.’
      • ‘Her music is ever-changing, gorgeously orchestrated, and beautifully sung.’
      • ‘The album is a collection of soul-searching, slightly melancholy songs about making and breaking relationships, gorgeously arranged and performed by the band.’
      • ‘The novel is also gorgeously atmospheric.’
      • ‘The symphony is also gorgeously played and sung.’
      • ‘His early work shows his great flair for the sketch, the moment, as well as his gorgeously descriptive prose.’
      • ‘The song relies on some gorgeously orchestrated vocals over a somewhat sparse musical background.’
      • ‘The Hartke Symphony was also gorgeously done, and it is a ravishing new score.’