Definition of goosefoot in US English:



  • A plant of temperate regions with divided leaves which are said to resemble the foot of a goose. Some kinds are edible and many are common weeds.

    Genus Chenopodium, family Chenopodiaceae

    • ‘Deposits at Salts Cave dating between 650 and 250 B.C. included sunflower, sumpweed, squash, goosefoot, and maygrass.’
    • ‘Spinach was a better green vegetable than the goosefoots, sorrels, orach, and similar plants which were widely used in medieval Europe, and gradually usurped their place.’
    • ‘Wild rice, sunflower, goosefoot, and squash rind were all well represented.’
    • ‘He set out into the sun-soaked, blossom-perfumed clearing, wending his way with care amid white campion, goosefoot, and dock plants.’
    • ‘Cultivated Late Woodland plants included sumpweed, squash, sunflower, goosefoot, and maize.’