Definition of goose barnacle in US English:

goose barnacle

(also gooseneck barnacle)


  • A stalked barnacle which hangs down from driftwood or other slow-moving floating objects, catching passing prey with its feathery legs.

    Genus Lepas, class Cirripedia

    • ‘In addition, Galician shellfish gatherers supply Western Europe with a host of delicacies, from crabs, clams, cockles and mussels, to the exquisite goose barnacle which is found nowhere else in the world.’
    • ‘While Brits eat turkey at Christmas, Spaniards look forward to festive feasts of clams, crabs, cockles, mussels, octopus and goose barnacles.’
    • ‘Other species of goose barnacle such as Lepas anatifera are more common and attach to bits of flotsam such as wood, plastic containers etc.’
    • ‘But Coruna university biologist Juan Freire says high levels of dangerous chemicals from the oil have been found in fish, octopus, squid, clams, goose barnacles and mussels.’