Definition of goopy in US English:



North American
  • See goop

    • ‘The small Caesar salad included crisp lettuce and a homemade creamy dressing - and it wasn't goopy, which is a common fault.’
    • ‘I've had a lot of anticlimactic hot chocolate drinks lately: they're all syrupy, sickly and goopy.’
    • ‘The split pea and bacon soup was rich and flavourful, but I'd give the goat cheese and artichoke dip a miss - it was bland, and reminded me of those hollowed out goopy spinach dips you see at Christmas parties.’
    • ‘Then it's two coats of polish (more than that gets goopy and messy and infringes on the acceptable appearance of the polish), finishing up with a top coat sealer.’
    • ‘And unlike those gel wax candles, they aren't almost liquid and goopy, instead they are actually pretty hard like normal wax candles.’