Definition of gooney bird in US English:

gooney bird

(also goony bird)


  • Another term for an albatross of the North Pacific.

    Genus Diomedea, family Diomedeidae: the Laysan albatross (D. immutabilis) and the black-footed albatross (D. nigripes)

    • ‘Nicknamed ‘gooney birds’ by GIs for their awkward gait, albatross mate for life.’
    • ‘The Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge is the nesting ground for some two million seabirds spanning 15 species, including the Laysan albatrosses (better known as ‘gooney birds’).’


Mid 19th century: of unknown origin.


gooney bird

/ˈɡo͞onē ˌbərd//ˈɡuni ˌbərd/