Definition of goofball in English:



North American
  • 1A naive, silly, or stupid person.

    • ‘As his views and his persona both became better known, he was widely regarded as a goofball.’
    • ‘He's a goofball and always has been; you can see it in the pictures from his youth and from Vietnam.’
    • ‘By the pictures that I'm seen of him, he's a big goofball.’
    • ‘He doesn't manage to be a goofball every single moment, but there are aspects of his performance that are goofball-ish.’
    • ‘Cameron is a goofball about stuff other than health but he's so sweet about it that I just giggle.’
    • ‘No wonder Jim Jeffords wanted nothing to do with these goofballs.’
    • ‘And don't worry, I'm developing a character and a costume and I'll make an extra effort to be the biggest goofball on stage that night.’
    • ‘It's gotten to the point where the protesters are pretty much all goofballs.’
    • ‘When she's not doing some wild stunt - and she insists on doing the stunts herself - she's being a goofball.’
    • ‘Had not Wray come up with this magical concept, I would never have enjoyed so many hours in garages and basements with other like-minded goofballs as a teenager.’
    • ‘The Folk Fest, on the other hand, has a town full of goofballs who insist that ‘headliners’ are what it needs more than anything else.’
    • ‘I was working my way down my normal jogging path on S Street in Dupont Circle when a little goofball on a skateboard - maybe 13 years old or so - was coming toward me and stumbled and fell in my direction.’
    • ‘This goofball has been showered with tens of millions of dollars by his American fans, who have even humored his fantasy that he can sing, or rap, or whatever.’
    • ‘And a redheaded goofball named Grant sticks his fist in his mouth.’
    • ‘Hollywood's show biz kids seem to take particular pleasure in pillorying goofballs, which hardly satisfies.’
    • ‘And you know, I got to tell you, my brother's a little bit of a goofball.’
    • ‘Well, he's a goofball with a penchant for cracking idiotic quips during combat.’
    • ‘Are you going to roll on the floor laughing at these two goofballs?’
    • ‘Brad is the kindest person I know and the sweetest goofball on the planet.’
    • ‘In fact, though, they are largely the same goofballs that show up wherever people meet to talk about free trade.’
    idiot, ass, halfwit, nincompoop, blockhead, buffoon, dunce, dolt, ignoramus, cretin, imbecile, dullard, moron, simpleton, clod
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  • 2A narcotic drug in pill form, especially a barbiturate.

    • ‘In Vanishing Point, a man known only as Kowalski gets hepped up on goofballs and bets that he can drive a white Dodge Challenger muscle car from Denver to San Francisco in approximately 15 hours.’
    • ‘I thought goofballs disappeared along with bennies, zoot suits and Vault of Horror comics.’
    • ‘Here's a little checklist to see if your fitness instructor is selling goofballs in the shower.’