Definition of goof-up in US English:



North American
  • A stupid mistake.

    • ‘Some goof-ups actually turn you from a favorite into an underdog on the hand.’
    • ‘I just hope that's ALL the trouble we're going to have because of that goof-up.’
    • ‘I particularly like the new Selective Undo, which lets you choose which goof-up you want to correct.’
    • ‘Williams and Tollett do their best here to minimize such goof-ups.’
    • ‘I nodded, pretending not to see her uncomfortableness or goof-up.’
    • ‘I don't know much about it, but I wouldn't be surprised if they are taking an unreasonably broad interpretation of the nondisclosure order to try to shield their goof-up from the public.’
    • ‘If one were to look for goof-ups, there were plenty of them.’
    • ‘While there may have been plenty of musical goof-ups, the crowd was anything but underwhelmed.’
    • ‘There are always software bugs and security goof-ups.’
    • ‘Remember my goof-ups the past few days, like when I tried to use my knife to eat beans and when I tried to light a misplaced bar of soap, claiming it was a candle?’
    • ‘A six-minute blooper reel of rough footage features some outtakes and goof-ups incurred while filming Vamp.’
    • ‘The path to justice for families or victims of those who suffer a medical goof-up, he believes, is awfully steep.’
    make a mess of, bungle, botch, fluff, fumble, butcher, mess up
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